About Us


To efficiently deliver innovative superior shielding solutions providing optimal attenuation of EMI / RFI interference over copper based interfaces. CDM Jevons products are easy to assemble, available from stock. We will ensure each transaction is painless, friendly and respectful.


Honesty & Integrity: We stand behind our word and commitments.
Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the responsibilities we share.
Respect: We work in an atmosphere of respect for ourselves, our customers and our world.
Trust: We trust each other to work consistently according to the values and beliefs we share.
Commitment: If we say we can do it we stay engaged until the job is done.
Teamwork: We work together toward a common goal, always! Leave no one behind!
Communication: Through active listening to our clients, suppliers and each other we thrive in an environment without boundaries.

“A Message from all of us ” to the Customers of CDM Jevons

You are the most important person in our business. You are not dependent on us, We are dependent on you. You are not an interruption of our work, You are the purpose for it. You do us a favour when you use us, We do not do you a favour by serving you. You deserve the most courteous attention we can give.

Let us take this moment to say…

…Thank You!